Venum shorts are used by thousands of MMA fighters in Europe, Japan, Russia and the Americas. Today the Venum Fight company is manufacturing a large range of MMA products (MMA t-shirts, MMA fight shorts, kimonos/ gis, Venum hoodies). Venum offers the best level of quality and they never stop innovating. All their MMA gear is made in Brazil. Venum Fight Co. has become an international brand and common place in the UFC circuit.

Popular Venum Shorts

Venum Shorts Technology

Venum Shorts technology

Venum Fight Co. uses some of the most toughest, yet most confortable fabric in the world for their fight shorts

Especially with their new FleX (FX) Lycra Panel Inside for unrestricted movement. Venum shorts are always ultra lightweight and stylish. Look for glossy microfiber, one-way horizontal and vertical velcro enclosure with external drawstring for a smooth fit.

Their fight shorts are generally available in sizes XS (30"), S (31/32"), M (33"), L (34/35"), XL (36/37"), XXL (38")

The History of Venum Fight

Sometimes confused with Venom Shorts

The Venum Fight Company is a French company who makes all their goods in the vibrant city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Founded in 2005 the Venum brand is a true success spreading all over the MMA world. We have built our image on one thing: professional fighting shorts. Here is a "short" history of their fight shorts in order of production:

Venum Vantage (black and white>Venum Light classic (classic, gold, ice)>Venum Pirate/pirate camo>Venum Competitor camo>Venum Voodoo>Venum Amazonia (Viper, Red Devil, Mamba)>Venum Neo (blue, brown, orange, acid)>Venum Spider (red, dark, ice, blue)>Venum Light Classic 2.0 (classic and Ice)>Venum Light classic red>Venum Hurricane (black, red, brazil)>Venum Nitro>Venum Brazilian flag>Venum Amazonia 2.0 (black and green)

Venum MMA Fighters

Venum fighters are some of the toughest in the world. In order to represent the famous Venum brand, you have to come with it!